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Talking with the Experts Radio is for business owners, coaches and speakers who have a message to share and want to reach a wider audience than they currently have access to.

We have podcasts from our members who are business owners just like you.

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About Me

I am an entrepreneur, podcast host and producer, online event manager, podcast trainer, Livestream presenter and producer, Amazon #1 International bestseller (2020) and former BRAINZ Magazine Executive Contributor, a 2021 BRAINZ Magazine award winner and a co-founder and president of Healing Through Love, a domestic and family violence awareness initiative started in Adelaide, Australia.

For more than 35 years, I was a high-level administrative worker who found my passion in creating online experiences. My love for creativity led to the creation of an innovative service that helps speakers and coaches create memorable events through visual media like videos or images with the goal they will be more successful at whatever it is they do!

In 2020, I could see that the pandemic was severely impacting small business owners. As time passed and there were no signs of recovery for these

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struggling companies to return to normalcy; I knew what needed to be done: help them to reopen their businesses!

That is how my podcast ‘Talking with the Experts’ came to life. It features entrepreneurs talking about several topics including marketing strategies yet still focused primarily on business operations & entrepreneurship where listeners will be able to learn from other professionals’ experiences while getting encouragement along the journey.

The next step on my journey is Talking with the Experts Radio.

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