The process for each vodcast is very informal and very simple:

NO pre-production – NO pre-interview – Simple – Easy – Straightforward

Is there a cost to appear on the vodcast?

NO!! Your appearance is free!

How long are the interviews?

They range from 25 minutes to 45 minutes.

Do I need to make a booking?

Yes, booking is essential. Click on here.

Is there any other paperwork to be completed?
Complete the Guest Form. The button is below the booking confirmation. You can find the link here.
How are the interviews conducted?
You receive a Zoom link after you have made your booking.
♦ Turn up at the appointed time, being mindful of the day/time difference if not living in Australia
♦ We chat informally for 5-10 minutes about your topic.
♦ We start the podcast (which usually goes for about 25 to 45 minutes).
And voila, it’s done! Nothing to it!
When will the assets become available?

Please allow up to 14 days from the date of the interview.

You will receive:

  • YouTube link
  • SoundClound link
  • Raw transcript
What am I permitted to do with the assets?

Rose Davidson and Talking with the Experts owns all assets (raw and edited), however, you are permitted and encouraged to share on your social channels.

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